How It Works

Uknow is an app that connects friends/contacts and allows them to view great deals/discounts offered by various merchants.

The Uknow app is a phenomenal concept of a common market place for both offline and online merchants.

The USP of the app is that it allows users to view and be updated about their friends purchasing activities and the opportunity to avail the same deal while collecting points in the process.

It is a very simple app that will hook users instantly.

We all are aware that word of mouth is the best marketing strategy and Uknow does just that. Let’s take an example to explain how Uknow works.

Let us suppose a merchant, X has signed up with UK and puts up a deal for users, 15% off on Levis Jeans.

This deal will instantly appear in the Uknow deals sections and will be visible to all users.

Now, if user A buys it, all its contacts that are using Uknow will get to know that A has bought Levis Jeans at 15% discount from merchant X.

Now all friends of A can buy the same deal through A and earn rewards

Moreover, the likelihood of users to visit/buy from the merchant is increased by manifolds because the deal is displayed to prospective targeted users and referred by friends, automatically.

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